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Summer 2017, Uganda
"God's Design for Marriage."

Both the nation and The Church of Uganda declared 2016 the Year of the Family, realizing the great needs of families. In August we returned to offer conferences in the Kalaki and Kaberamaido Archdeaconries in the Diocese of Soroti... read more

Spring 2017, Part 2--Kurdistan, Iraq

The Love of Christ in Refugee and IDP Camps

         One of the most haunting and convicting things we have seen in the past few years has been the slaughter of Christians by ISIS. These martyrs were living in the ancient places of Christianity like Nineveh, just across the Tigris River from Mosul. We were convicted by their refusal to denounce Christ in the face of sure martyrdom...
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Spring 2017, Part 1--Uganda
"Who is the Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?"
Conferences in the Dioceses of Masindi-Kitara and Bunyoro-Kitara

"God's Design for Marriage."
Conferences in the Diocese of Soroti for Lay Readers and Spouses

          Every time we touch down in Uganda we feel that we are home. We have been going to Uganda for long periods over the past twelve years and have made many dear friends. We long to be there when we are away. This trip was especially touching, showing the progression of the Gospel, the godly development of leaders, emphasizing the bonds of friendship and the Lord’s blessing...
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Winter 2016--Nepal
Mission to Nepal

They surprised us. We heard the children singing and saw their sweet, welcoming faces as we climbed the slate steps up the mountainside. But we were unprepared for the greeting of Pastor Sher Tamang and his parishioners. They placed white stoles and beautiful leis of flowers around our necks as they sang.

 Two days of bone jarring travel over frightening roads, through gorgeous scenery, always feeling that we might be propelled over the edge, ... Read more

Winter 2016--Ethiopia and Myanmar

A One-week Intensive Course on Ezekiel
St. Frumentius' Anglican Theological College

Healing Services in Kachin, Myanmar

Who can stand against tribal conflict, flooding, cattle rustling, drought, disease, persecution, violence, lack of power, extreme heat, instability and spiritual oppression? People who believe these words from Romans 8:35-39:
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Summer 2016--Uganda, Tanzania, Iraq
On this Mission:

  • Rooted in Jesus
  • Mityana Holy Spirit Conference
  • Couples' Conference-Tanzania
  • Iraq--A Land of Heartbreak
  • New Wineskins Conference
  • Dean of Nepal Visit
  • Bishop of Diocese of Karamoja
Summer 2015--Arusha, Tanzania
On this Mission: 
                • Here's Life Africa Conferences
                  • An Inspiration in the Night
                  • Staff Conference, A Dedicated Team
                  • Women's Initiative
                  • The Jesus Film Live
                  • Pastors' Conference
                • A Royal Couple
                • What's Next
                • Prayer Requests
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Spring 2015--Karamoja, Uganda

In this issue:
  • Reclamation in Karamoja
    • A Shepard's Heart
    • Alpha in Moroto Prison
    • Morning Glory
    • An Alpha Refresher
    • Holy Spirit Conference
    • Journey to Lotome
    • Ugandan Missionaries to Karamoja
  • Alongside
  • Undying Evangelist
  • E412 Board and Lead Intercessor

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Winter 2015--Uganda, Kenya and Zanzibar

In This Issue:
  • Future Leaders of the Church
  • Spiritual Growth in Bunyoro-Kitara
  • Lay Readers in Masindi
  • "The Spirit of Truth"
  • Sunday in Gulu
  • An Investment in Omoto
  • "Be Ready in Season and Out"
  • Alpha, A Great Tool
  • Lenten Retreat in Zanzipar
  • Missionaries in Our Midst
  • Please Pray and Thanksgiving

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Fall 2014-India, Singapore, Myanmar and


  • Return to Myanmar
  • A Foundation in Pyay
  • Holy Cross College
  • Mission to Gujarat
  • Missions Roundtable, Singapore
  • Church Maturity in Rangsit
  • Escape from the Taliban    
  • What's Next
  • Prayer Requests

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Summer 2014-Uganda, The Congo and Belize

  • Journey to Kalemie, Congo
  • A Call to The Congo
  • Divine Appointment in Lubumbashi, Congo
  • “God’s Design for Marriage” Couples Seminars, Uganda
  • Alpha to Kinkiizi, Uganda
  • Christ Church Parish Mission to Belize
  • ACNA Provincial Assembly

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March 2014 in Uganda and Zanzibar

  • Restoration in Zanzibar
  • Parenting in the Power of the Holy Spirit Conference in the Diocese of Kinkiizi, Uganda
  • Prayer Ministry and Evangelism Join Medical Mission in Masindi, Uganda
  • Divine Appointment at GAFCON 2 Leads to Mission
  • "We want our family to be healed"
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February 2014 in Uganda and Kenya

  • Mityana, Uganda-Striving in Theological Studies
  • Gulu, Uganda-Ministering to the War-torn
  • Cleregy & Spouse Conference-Gulu
  • Spiritual Empowerment-Bungoma, Kenya

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Missions to SE Asia and GAFCON 2013
  • Mission to Myanmar
  • Witnessing Mission in Bangkok
  • Are You Being Called?
  • Flooded in Phnom Penh
  • Rangsit Reunions
  • R&R and Mission in Singapore
  • GAFCON 2
  • What's Next
  • Prayer Requests
  • Thanksgivings

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Fall Newsletter-2013

º A 3 in 1 Mission
    -"How Beautiful are the Feet..."
    - Clergy Wives Conference
    - Lay Reader's Wives Conference
    - A Sunday of Preaching
    - Women Reach Across the World
    - Heritage Sports Camp
º The Miracle in Hoima
º Alpha Multiplication
º First Day of School
º Missionaries from Zanzibar
º What's Next
º Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings
º Missionaries Along the Way

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Spring Update-2013
  Return to Uganda--Kampala, Masindi, Jinja and Kitgum

February and March found E412 back in Uganda.  The mission was a real blessing as we joined a Youth Alpha Training, led a Holy Spirit conference, coordinated a retreat for long-term missionaries and conducted a Global Alpha Training in war-torn northern Uganda.



ate Fall Newsletter-2012
Mission to SE Asia--Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma)
Archbishop Stephen Than invited E412 to visit Myanmar to conduct conferences on the "Person and Works of the Holy Spirit" for the clergy and catechists of the Diocese of Yangon. As we excitedly accepted his invitation we realized that we could also see and join in God's work in other countries of the region.  Read More

  • Singapore--Installation of Bishop Rennis Ponniah
  • Thailand-Rangsit Anglican Outreach Center
    • Children's Outreach
    • Sunday Worship
  • Cambodia--SAMS Missionary, Summer Twyman
  • Myanmar--"Thy Will Be Done"
    • Conference for Clery
    • Healing Prayer
    • Catechist Conference
    • Two Davids
    • Ministry in the Power
  • Burma Update from Hart
  • Missionary Wedding
  • What's Next for E412
  • Please Pray
  • Special Thanksgiving

Fall Newsletter-2012

SOMA Mission to Soroti, Uganda
"The Person and Works of the Holy Spirit

Bishop George Erwau asked for a SOMA mission to focus on teaching the lay readers about the person and works of the Holy Spirit by holding five conferences in the five different Archdeaconries. The Gospel is carried on the backs of the lay readers of the Church of Uganda. It is the lay reader who leads services, preaches and cares for the people day to day. In the course of a month, over 550 people were trained…read more.

  • Mission to the Diocese of Soroti
    • The Call
    • Kaberamaido
    • Sunday Worship
    • Amuria
    • Katakwi
    • Serere
    • Soroti Archdeaconry
    • Two Teams
    • Confirmation at Pingare
  • Provincial Assembly
  • Alpha in Soroti Prisons
  • Alpha in Anaka
  • Dennisons Lead Sunday School
  • A Distant Grief
  • What's Next for E412
  • Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

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Lilian Shares Gospel
Under a Mango Tree
 Spring Newsletter-2012
  • Equipping Prayer and Evangelism Teams                    p.1
    • Partnership with PMI
    • Building the Teams
    • The Clinics Begin
    • Bweyale Clinic Days
    • Ntooma Clinic Days
    • Kimengo Clinic Days
    • Praise the Lord for the Fruit
    • PMI, An Amazing Organization
  • GAT to Anaka                              p.6
  • GAT to Karamoja                       p.7
    • The Bishop's Charge
    • Three Young Men for the Lord
  • Trinity Vestry Report               p.10
  • St. Andrew's, Grand Prairie   p.10
  • What's Next                                p.11
  • Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings                           p.11
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   Two Old Men
                    --a special report
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Fall Newsletter-2011
  • SOMA Mission to Mbale
    • The Mission
    • Clergy Conference
    • Lay Reader Conference
    • Sundays
    • Bufumbo Parish
    • Child Development Center
    • Bibles for New Christians
    • The Fathers' Union
    • The Mothers' Uni0n
    • Evenings with Families
  • Home to Soroti
    • Alpha in Soroti
    • Intercessory Prayer
    • Confirmation in Kyere
  • Rebuilding His Church in Gulu
    • A Sweet Exchange
    • Rebuilding the Church

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The Bore Hole-A Special Report     

When we return from a mission, someone invariably asks, “What did you miss the most while you were in Africa?” A more significant question might be, “What do you appreciate the most when you return to the States?”   ... read the rest of the story




Fishermen Accept Christ

Compassion Children Pray



Summer Newsletter-2011

  • SOMA Mission to N. Ankole  p.1
    • He was lost and now is found
    • Evangelism at the Fish Camp
    • God's Design for Marriage
    • Satan's Attack on Marriage
    • God's Design for the Family
    • Who is the Holy Spirit?
    • Ministry in the Archdeaconries
    • The Mother's Union
  • SOMA Mission to Bungoma  p.7
    • A Serendipitous Sunday Morning
    • Conference on the Holy Spirit and Deliverance
    • Spirited Sabbath
  • Bishops in Service                     p.9
  • A Marriage of Canons            p.10




    Spring Newsletter-2011

    • SOMA Mission to Masindi  
      • Holy Spirit Conference              p.1
      • A Time of Commitment             p.3
      • Global Alpha Training                p.4
    • A Divine Appointment                            p.5
    • Portrait of a Missionary                          p.5
    • Journey to Apeitolim                              p.5
    • Launch of a Decade of Mission             p.6
    • Return to Pass Christian                         p.7
    • What’s Next?                                                p.8
    • Prayer Requests & Thanksgivings p.8       
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    Global Alpha Training is Carried to Belize
    This mission had been prayed over and planned for almost two years by the Christ Church, Savannah, Global Missions Team. We were to present a Global Alpha Training (GAT). The training sought to equip the attendees to run Alpha courses in their country. There had been two previous visits to Belize. The first visit explored the possibilities. In the second a “Taste of Alpha” was presented by a team of three to discern the level of support for Alpha from the Bishop and his clergy. As we walked across the airport tarmac in    Belize City, swimming through air that gave even us Savannahians a new appreciation of heat and humidity, we carried not only faith, hope and great expectations but also many unanswered questions.Read the rest of the story... 

    A Double Mission to Uganda - May/June 2010

    We were blessed to have the opportunity to lead two SOMA missions to Uganda on the same trip to Africa. We departed Savannah on May 20th with one team and returned on June 16th with another team. It was even more special as 8 of the 9 missioners were from our new Gulf-Atlantic Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. http://www.gulfatlanticdiocese.org

    SOMA Mission to the Diocese of  North Ankole
    Clergy and Spouse Conference.

    When asked the greatest spiritual need of his diocese, Bishop John Muhanguzi replied, “Repentance and forgiveness.” With these needs in mind, we began the Clergy/Spouse conference with teachings on “Covenant Marriage,” “Repentance” and “Forgiveness.” At the end of the session on forgiveness, the attendees were asked if anyone had a testimony to share. The Holy Spirit fell on the attendees and many shared their confessions and pledges of repentance publically with the group. The clergy and their wives repented not only of transgressions in their marriages but also in other areas of their lives and ministries. The group was blessed with a great feeling of peace and calm that can only come from the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    The entire conference pointed back to the origins of the East African Revival which first started almost 75 years ago not far from Ankole. The Holy Spirit convicted people of their sins, led them to repentance and then bathed them in the assurance of forgiveness that only He can offer.

    At the end of the conference, Bishop Muhanguzi said that he really did not know why he had initially said that they needed teachings on repentance and forgiveness. He acknowledged that it clearly was not he speaking but the Holy Spirit speaking through him.(Click here for more information in our Summer Newsletter.)

    SOMA Mission to Soroti
    Global Alpha Training.

    Bishop George Erwau asked SOMA to bring the elements of evangelism, discipleship and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to his diocese. We felt led to introduce the Alpha course in a form designed to be used in a village setting.  A mission team of five from SOMA USA was joined by The Rev. John Awodi from the Diocese of Kampala. This team was ready and willing to accept the challenge of training local leaders to conduct Alpha courses in the local, rural environment and vernacular.

    Each archdeaconry was represented by a team of six. Through small groups, role playing, skits, demos of actual Alpha teaching, training in how to teach Alpha, demonstrations of what to do and what not to do, preparations for an Alpha Day, wonderful worship and devotions,  we saw the Lord equip thirty-six leaders.  After a lengthy session on the challenges to localize Alpha, the group concluded, “This is a gift the Lord has sent us. The ‘A’ in Alpha is for Africa!” One woman repented, “We need to change. We have not been talking with our neighbors who are not Christians.” A spirit-filled commissioning service was held. 
    (Click here for more information on page 3 of our Summer Newsletter)

    Homecoming Weekend in "The Pass" - March 2010

    It is was an honor to be invited back to Pass Christian, Mississippi to be part of a Homecoming Weekend, to lead a Lenten Retreat and to worship with Trinity Church their first Sunday in rebuilt worship space after the devastation of Katrina.

    Clark opened the teaching time with an introduction to “The Kingdom of God-Are we there yet?”

    Carol asked “How can we hear God’s voice clearly and develop an intimate partnership with Him in the work of his Kingdom? How can we be in His will? ”

    On Saturday morning, Clark continued with a teaching, "Prepare Ye the Way, The Kingdom Returns." Carol concluded the morning teaching on the importance of individual testimonies.

    On Sunday morning, back in the restored building, Clark's lesson focused on Ephesians 2:1-10, you were once dead and now are alive.

    It was hard to bid farewell to these dear friends in Christ and their place along the Gulf Coast. May we all be thankful for the true home that the Lord has purchased for us with His blood. May we always abide in His presence, feed on His Word and be children of the King. (Click here to read the complete report beginning on page 2 of the Spring Newsletter.)

    A "Taste of Alpha" to Belize- February 2010

    In February a Christ Church team of Fr. Layne Hansen, Susan White and Cark Smith headed to Belize at the invitation of Bishop Philip Wright to present a “Taste of Alpha” to the Diocesan clergy at their Lenten retreat.  The mission was to: 

    1. Explain the Alpha Course

    2. Testify to its effectiveness as a tool to spread the Gospel in any culture
    3. Discern, with the Belizean clergy, if introducing Alpha would be a Kingdom building event.

    On the morning that we were to depart Belize, we were joined at breakfast by a very excited Bishop Wright. He had met that morning with a men’s prayer group and had outlined the Alpha program. This group of lay leaders was very enthusiastic and saw Alpha as a great way to reach out to men in their culture. With the confirmation of the clergy and key laymen, we outlined a tentative schedule for a team from Christ Church, Savannah to journey to Belize in August to present a Global Alpha Training (GAT) event. Praise the Lord!  (Click here to read more about Belize in our Spring Newsletter)

    SAMS Missionary Retreat and New Wineskins - April 2010

     Prior to the New Wineskins for Global Missions Confernce, www.newwineskins.org we served at the SAMS Missionary Retreat. What a joy to worship, lead a small group and spend time with seasoned missionaries, those in discernment for mission and bishops from around the Anglican Communion. SAMS, the Society for Anglican Missionaries and Senders (www.samsusa.org) supports over 80 missionaries serving worldwide in church planting, medical outreach, social ministries, rural community development and micro-enterprise development.

    Twelve of us from Christ Church attended the four-day New Wineskins Conference with almost 1,000 Anglicans involved in missions coming together for worship, inspiring plenary speakers, workshops, ministry times and mission networking. Clark was asked to share our story in the opening session Thursday night in a “missionary moment.” Catch the impressions of our under-thirty Christ Church members at christchurchsavannah.org/NewWineskins.htm.

    SOMA Annual Board Meeting - February 2010

    The SOMA-USA Board’s Annual Meeting was hosted at Christ Church, Savannah in February in conjunction with the 277th celebration of the founding of Christ Church. This was a momentous meeting in many ways. Director Edwina Thomas’s nineteen years of service was celebrated. At a special dinner Bishop John Guernsey led the gathering in a sweet recall of ministry with Edwina. The new SOMA Director, Dr. Glen Petta, was commissioned and plans were made for the ministry office to be moved from Virginia to Texas.  The Christ Church congregation served in many ways to host and enjoy the SOMA leaders who serve as a global influence for Christ in the Anglican Communion, www.somausa.org. Clark is currently serving as a member of the board and Carol served as an advisor to the search committee.               

    Dr. Glen Petta and Edwina Thomas

    American Anglican Council - January 2010

    At the American Anglican Council Board meeting in January Carol was able to see the progress the AAC, www.americananglican.org has made in their new mission of, “ Renewing orthodox Anglicanism worldwide. Developing faithful leaders. Equipping the church for mission.” One example is the AAC’s role in facilitating the formation of the Anglican Diocese of  the South, www.adots.org which held its inaugural synod in Atlanta April 30-May 1 in conjunction with an AAC evangelism conference, “Sharing Our Faith.”

    National Alpha Conference - October 2009

    In October fourteen members of Christ Church attended the National 

    Alpha Conference in Orlando, (Read More). We joined over 1200 for joyous worship, inspiring speakers, gracious ministry time and a diverse choice of workshops including Alpha for Youth, Campus, Marriage, Prisons, the Workplace, the Military and Multicultural Alpha. Clark took the Global Alpha Training (Learn about GAT), which has developed as Alpha has spread around the world.  Carol attended Alpha for English Speakers of Other Languages which has applications in the US and globally,
    (Learn about Alpha-ESOL) .




    SE Asia and South Korea - August 2009

    "Ready for Action" was the theme of the SOMA conference in Sabah, Malaysia. The conference focus was to mobilize the church in Malaysia to mission, to church planting, and to GO to areas of the region where no one is testifying to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A stirring introduction by Archbishop Ben Kwashi of Nigeria certainly fired up the 400+ attendees from 11 different countries who had gathered at the invitation of Bishop Albert Vun of Sabah. After the two day conference, 23 SOMA teams spread out over SE Asia. Clark led a team of 3 Americans and 2 Malaysians to Bangkok, Thailand.

    After over two weeks in SE Asia, Clark journeyed to South Korea to conduct a weekend teaching series at Okpo Foreigners’ Church on Geoje Island. The weekend focused on the theme of "The Church of Acts is Alive Today, How Do We Live it on Geoje-do Today". Click here to read the full report.

    Ghana - May 2009


    “Come and help us make believers out of biological Christians.  I want them to encounter what it means to be like Christ.” This was the request that Bishop Francis Quashie made as he asked SOMA to send a team to his diocese. Clark led this team to the Diocese of Koforidua, Ghana. The team led the annual clergy conference with the theme "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Anglican Church." Click here to read the full recap.



    Belize - March 2009

    Clark was part of a team from Christ Church, Savannah to review the long-standing relationship between the church and the Diocese of Belize. The main purpose of the mission was to assess the needs of the diocese and plan a mission trip from Christ Church later in 2009. Click here for a full recap.


     Pass Christian, MS - March 2009

    E412 led a Parish Weekend Lenten Study for Trinity Church in Pass Christian, MS entitled “Lent, A Time to Examine Yourself.” Teachings included—Discipleship, Sold Out for Jesus, Authority of Scripture, and Prayer and Fasting. Click here for a full recap.



    Uganda, Diocese of Soroti - December 2008


    The SOMA team taught on topics such as “Lead as Jesus Led.” The week long conference was attended by over 100 clergy and wives from the Diocese of Soroti. Several sessions of the December mission to Soroti addressed the need for clergy to draw closer to their spouses and importance of the partnership between husband and wife in ministry. There were workshops on husband and wife communications and reconciliation of any brokenness within the marriage. Click here for a full recap.


    Uganda - October 2008


    The time at Uganda Christian University in Mukono included pastoral visits and extended prayer ministry with two missionary families serving there. We then journeyed to the Diocese of Soroti to visit our Bishop and plan the clergy conference for December.  Click here for a full recap.


    South Africa - September 2008

    E412 participated in a world-wide SOMA Growing the Church conference in Anglican Church of Southern Africa. After a province-wide launch conference, E412 taught on various subjects including, “Evangelism, Outreach within your Cultural Context” at the diocesan and parish level. Prayer ministry opportunities were offered at all events. Click here for a full recap.

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